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We are a company devoted to understanding client wishes and requirements. Based on our client centric approach, we are delivery focused and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the demands of every customer. We work with our clients to achieve their required cost / quality balance and deliver cost effective solutions.

Our unique attitude to partner accreditation enables us to offer solutions at a constantly high standard with a unique accountability. FINILEX accounts for a team of highly motivated professionals who share a vast range of extensive know-how and experience, delivering each order to the highest standard.

1Encompasses The Entire Building Envelope
Our expertise encompasses the entire building envelope. Whether in supply of products for floor and ceiling coverings, laminates, Kitchens, paneling systems, doors or comprehensive contract requirements FINILEX is a one-stop supplier.made in spain.
2 Commercial Network
With a commercial network in different countries, FINILEX offers the very best in quality control, logistics, product knowledge and supplier relationships. Backed with over eighteen years of experience in the international markets, we work closely with our clients from different parts of Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia to offer them a complete service starting from counseling services, up to supplying products and material whether made in Europe or abroad.
3Our Main Focus
Our main focus is on providing our customers with the latest trends and offering services tailored to their requirements. Our understanding of the different business cultures and mentalities helps us ensure customer satisfaction by adapting all processes to their expectations and objectives.
4 Our Extensive Experience
Due to our extensive experience in the sector of construction material, along with a wide network of contacts, we are able to locate the most suitable products. We employ our own quality control personnel at factories to monitor the production, packaging and shipping of products, ensuring that our exact standards are met on every shipment.
5FINILEX Opened A Branch Office In India
Since the beginning of 2010, FINILEX opened a branch office in India in order to supply its clients with raw material (wooden boards , laminates ), under the strict quality standards used in Europe, and with its staff supervising every order. All these products are periodically sent to laboratories in Europe to be tested, and to make sure they comply with the standards of quality that distinguish us.
1FINILEX Laminates Offers

FINILEX laminates offers some of finest high pressure and compact laminates. And is a pioneer of luxury laminates in the world especially Europe and Asia. It was started in 1978. It was founded on the idea that a laminate is much more than an invisible background.

2Flexible product

It is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface décor. FINILEX not only reinvented the way laminates looked, but also the way people look at laminates. FINILEX gave the laminate a complete makeover with finishes and colours like never before. Suddenly the laminate was no longer just an economical, hard-wearing countertop. FINILEX created laminates that had texture, unparalleled designs and most importantly; character.

FINILEX featured rich, luxurious designs that added aesthetic value to interiors. They weren't just products made for architects, interior designers and end-users, but made in collaboration with them. This helped FINILEX to create application-based collections that made it easy to match a FINILEX laminate to the theme or colour scheme of one's room.

Each FINILEX laminate is designed to deliver exceptional style and quality. Our laminates are manufactured at world-class facilities equipped with imported machinery form Spain and Italy. Products are created with imported design papers made from highly stable and resistant pigments which guarantee longevity and ensure that the product looks great after years of wear and tear. Our high pressure laminates are available in over 600 designs, 40 realistic textures and 3 sizes (8x4, 10x4.25, 12x6). These products are conducive to both vertical and horizontal applications including Furniture, Laboratories, Medical instrumentation, Bathroom cubicles, Exterior Façades & Outdoor furniture. They also perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas such as hospitality, office spaces, healthcare, retail and commercial spaces.

Unlimited Possibilities

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