Best for applications –

  • Modular Clean Room
  • Cold Storage
  • Climate Control Rooms
  • Telecom Control Tower Rooms
  • Modular Clinics
  • Small Schools in interior rural areas

This  Room Systems interface with floors, ceilings, and  mechanical components to provide an ultra-clean environment with effective control of airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity and  filtration.

They can be customized to match specific requirements and  provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction without compromising on quality, durability or efficiency.

Modular Clean Rooms  also utilize a flexible design that  allows for fast and  easy installation in a system that  can be expanded or relocated as need be.

Advantages of Modular Rooms

  • Certified  Room design
  • Full compatibility with chemicals used for cleaning and  sanitizing
  • Easy Clean Room installation
  • State-of-the-art Clean Room technology
  • Flush surfaces everywhere
  • Scratch-resistant materials
  • Easy to modify during wall installation
  • Wall system suitable for ISO 5 (class 100) to ISO 8 (Class 100,000)
Clean Room PEB Structure

Our Other Prefab Products

  • Portable Site  Office
  • Portable Restroom
  • Cubicles
  • Bathroom & Toilets
  • Security Cabins
  • Toll Booths
  • Terrace Rooms etc.
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